3-in-1 musical crib mobile with motorized action and four adorable animal friends (three rainforest friends on the overhead mobile, plus a musical birdie!) comforts and entertains baby at naptime or bedtime with 20 minutes of soothing lullaby music. When baby outgrows a crib mobile, Rainforest Friends 3-in-1 Musical Mobile converts to a take-along musical birdie toy that plays more upbeat music, and a linkable stroller mobile. Clip it to your stroller's capy to take baby's favorite Rainforest Friends on the go, and use the musical birdie away from home, too, to give baby a familiar face and playful, new music to enjoy. [FEATURES] 3-in-1! -Musical crib mobile with motorized action and up to 20 minutes of lullaby music -Linkable stroller mobile for on-the-go -Take-along musical birdie toy plays up to 20 minutes of more upbeat music Adorable bird, elephant, tiger lion friends comfort entertain baby Easily attaches to almost any crib or stroller Birdie toy has built-in carry handle&mdashgreat for toddler take-along, too read more ↓ read less ↑

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