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Your child learns the alphabet by connecting the dots and making dozens of pictures to colour. Puzzles in this workbook from the Get Ready! series connect an imaginative collection of scenes and ideas from the seasons and the circus. Each one labels the dots with letters A-Z and focuses on developing your child's sequencing and eye-hand coordination - the skills that help prepare little ones for school. Once they connect the dots correctly, kids can reward themselves by colouring in the picture they helped create. With 64 playful puzzles to solve, developing a learning is fun habit comes easily. With a pencil or crayons, and perhaps just a bit of coaching from you, your child will practise and learn for many happy hours. Includes Parent Guide on inside front cover Dot-to-dot makes learning fun Easy-to-follow instructions on every page and 64 dot-to-dot puzzles for connecting and colouring. read more ↓ read less ↑

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