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Get your P-K little ones ready for school. You experience their joy in learning to identify, pair together, and count with these great flash cards. Use these double-sided numbers, colours and shapes flash cards at home or on the go for constant learning and fun. Help your pre-schooler or kindergartener build confidence while learning the essential skills necessary for kindergarten. 9 cards with coloured crayons and markers introduce the basic colours: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, white, and black 1 cards with different animals teach counting from one to ten 4 cards with hands and objects that point left, right, up, and down teach the direction words 6 sets of two cards with go-together pictures (i.e., dog bone), plus 1 card with a matching-word list, teach basic relational thinking 6 sets of two cards with pictures of rhyming words (i.e., cake snake), plus 1 card with a rhyming-word list, teach same-sound recognition 6 cards with basic geometric shapes (i.e., circle, square) teach shape recognition and naming. read more ↓ read less ↑

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