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Help your child build and develop early first-grade math and language skills. Extra practice boosts achievement! First Grade Basics based on first-grade instructional goals, focuses on beginning reading and basic math: the essentials for future success in school. As with other workbooks in the School Zone Basics series, First Grade Basics can be used to reinforce what is being taught at school or introduce new skills to a child who needs more challenging material. Each page emphasises an essential skill such as practising vowel sounds or counting coins, while encouraging reasoning and problem solving. The cheerful illustrations add an extra dimension to critical thinking by allowing your child to make assumptions and draw conclusions about what's happening on each page. Each skill is introduced and presented with clear examples. Includes Playful, full-colour page format 63 pages of math and reading activities Multiple illustrations on every page Letters written in clear, block-style Pages of learning games and quizzes Flexible, thick-coated cover Clear instructions on every page Table of contents inside front cover and Great Job award certificate included. read more ↓ read less ↑

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